Who gets the $500 million for Auckland IT system?

trade4us2, Mar 6, 11:08pm
$500 million seems excessive for a computer system

" the NewCore programme, designed to consolidate the computer systems of the eight councils that merged in 2010 to become the Auckland Council, faced a budget blowout.

The following day, the council revised the original budget to $157 million and pushed back the 2016 start date to 2017.

The council intends to absorb the extra cost within a $500 million IT budget over 10 years."

skin1235, Mar 7, 2:26am
re your heading - the contracted company trying to supply the system demanded

re the morality of it - $500m? peanuts for some, but seriously inflated profit margin for someone

if you were the IT contractor though, sweet number for 3 years work even for a group of say 10 guys for 3 yrs, still good coin to have

gyrogearloose, Mar 7, 3:52am
One of my associates used to work at Auckland Council as a test manager, and when they started the testing a contracted Audit Manager turned up and started spreading the work higher up that the testing had turned up some defects in the software and therefore there must be a major problem.

I have nothing but scorn for the big-6 type accounting and business assurance companies, they send out raw cannon fodder every year and there's just no lasting value in what they do.

footplate1, Mar 9, 2:10am
Equally appalling is the the claim that the mayor and council were not informed as the bill grew. I stuggle to believe it but, if true, there must be people in management and accountability roles that need sacking.

bowla3, Jun 5, 5:05am
Some person who knows a council employee with a bit of authority.

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