Printer Message Error B200

2bakerz, Feb 25, 7:01am
I have a Canon Pixma ip4850 about 3½ yrs old. Got the above message, so turned all off, disconnected power, then re-plugged in. No go - so really question would be is it worth repairing, and if not what would be a good alternative for me? Home use, mainly b & w printing, the odd color print. I know printers are quite cheap, but I guess the ink costs would influence any decision. I would really appreciate suggestions

r.g.nixon, Feb 25, 7:24am
I use one of these. # 852248416
Goes good with 3rd party (cheaper) toner too!

skin1235, Feb 25, 8:00am
a google of that message code says the printer head is in need of cleaning, appears it is a simple pull the head out and wash it under a hot tap until there is no more ink to be found, let it dry and put it back in

one other method used is to rapidly hit the on button about 5 times to overide the system shutdown

sqidlie, Feb 25, 10:47am
B200 error message relates to a print head fault or platen obstruction
Since your cartridges are the individual type , the print head is a separate item
Canons other type of carts have the print head built into the cartridge, and every time you replace the cart you replace the print head
Not so in your model. The print head just may need a clean, not where the ink comes out but the contacts
It is possible that one or more inks have dried out and caused the print head to burn out
The ink levels will still show ok, but the ink has gone, either by bleeding or just dried out

31/2 yr old Mmm, probably not worth repairing. Buying the same model here on TM is an option and swapping out the parts is another

2bakerz, Feb 25, 7:02pm
Thank you all so much for your advice. I will do the initial cleaning process first, ink does show as ok (I only replaced it 1 month ago). I imagine if it's just the contacts just warm water on a cotton bud or tissue? Then I'll try the on button one. I really can't afford to replace right now, but will definitely look at your suggestion r.g. - just had a look at that Fuiji r.g. - looks big for my home desk and I wasn't sure which model you referred to. Also couldn't work out the costs of ink replacements, just showed cyan yellow and black. I seem to have magenta in mine. Not really too knowledgeable in this area (as you will tell!)

sqidlie, Feb 25, 9:14pm

This may help ID the way to get the printhead out
Note the green card with gold contacts wipe those with a damp cotton bud (Q-Tip) and dont forget the contacts inside the printer as well

2bakerz, Feb 26, 1:07am
Wow! That is such a easy to follow clip - thanks sqidlie!

2bakerz, Feb 28, 12:54am
Final update on "the saga" - did all the above, removed cartridges and put in some new ones I had - still no joy, so have now bought new printer off T/M. Thought I might ring my local high school and ask if they want the old one to tinker around with; if they got it going, it'd be a good home printer.

sqidlie, Mar 1, 9:23pm
Glad to see this update
Sorry you wheren't able to fix ol' faithfull
See the price you paid was reasonable too
I checked and the printhead for the new one is not the same model although they look similar, Dont try swapping them "just to see if it works " :-)
I didnt check as far as to see if the inks are the same type
If thy are, Keep all the cartridges both from the new one and the old

2bakerz, Mar 2, 4:19am
Heh!heh! how can you tell I'm a "fiddler"? No I promise I won't 'fiddle' with the new one - shouldn't be any need to. And the inks are different but my supplier (off T/M) is so kindly crediting the un-opened set I still had and sending me some for the new printer! I really do get some very useful advice off this forum as not brought up in the technical age and no tame grandies handy I have to figure a lot out with the help of Mr Google and this MB!

d.snell, Jun 25, 11:09pm
B200 error is a print head high voltage error.A burnt out printhead and usually caused by running printer with a dry cartridge. Non repairable, only solution is a new printhead and that's not worth the expense. Don't burden the local school with your rubbish, unless you are prepared to give them $10 to take it, because they will end up paying to dispose of it.

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