How do I get my windows email to open an email

link in like Trade me, im using Opera? Im using Windows Vista. Ive had a good look around Opera settings and windows email settings but to no avail. Thanks

geek_tool_shop173, Jun 14, 12:35 pm

Which Opera? Which email program? Could try control panel, default programs, set default programs.

geek_wayne416, Jun 14, 12:56 pm

Surely Windows is using Outlook

Set up your "opera" account in there

geek_sqidlie, Jun 14, 1:15 pm

Windows mail

geek_tool_shop173, Jun 14, 1:19 pm

Done that, no go.

geek_tool_shop173, Jun 14, 1:21 pm

geek_king1, Jun 14, 1:22 pm

ive now sorted it.

geek_tool_shop173, Aug 21, 5:05 am

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