Abandoned Computer

go_redandblack, Feb 24, 5:26am
If a computer is 'abandoned' is it possible, in theory, to trace its last ISP Address?

gyrogearloose, Feb 24, 5:39am
The ISP address is on the public side of the ADSL modem, the computer uses a very common address like

d.snell, Feb 24, 5:40am
possibly can be traced to last gateway IP address it accessed, which can be traced to an ISP, but without any legal authority, that's about where you will hit a brick wall.

go_redandblack, Feb 24, 5:43am
Aha - thank you both. That really helps.

cookee_nz, Jul 9, 2:59pm
You might also find some helpful info in the event logs.

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