How to open pages doc on PC?

unicstudent, May 10, 7:37am
Hi, I am helping a Year 12 student with an assignment and he has sent a draft to me from his MAC in "pages" format. I have a PC using Word etc, and cannot open this. What do I need to do to open this document please? TIA

wayne416, May 10, 7:44am

r.g.nixon, May 10, 7:57am

unicstudent, May 10, 8:19am
Hmmm - thanks, but I still can't seem to work it out. I have resorted to asking him to reformat or at least cut and paste! . I am obviously not tutoring in IT! ;)

suicidemonkey, May 10, 8:39am
Get the student to export it as .DOC format for Word.

cjdnzl, Dec 6, 9:03am
Change the file extension to .zip and then unzip it. It's a zipped Word document, courtesy of Apple for some god-only-known reason.

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