Probably a strange question but.

Would I do any damage to either tablet or printer if I tried to scan a page off the tablet to print out?

geek_dwyn5, Jul 2, 7:17 pm

You mean lying the tablet on top of a scanner? That'll be fine.

You can scan film like this too, using a white page on the tablet as a backlight.

geek_gyrogearloose, Jul 2, 7:39 pm

Thanks for reply gyro, I wil?? givè it a go but I did not understand the 2nd part about scanning film.

geek_dwyn5, Jul 3, 5:45 am

If you can figure out how to do a screenshot it will probably be better quality.

geek_nzmu, Jul 3, 6:18 am

Sorry, my post would have been clearer if I'd said "film negatives" or "slides" - neither of which you were asking about anyway. If you have a backlight behind the negative, such as using a tablet with a white page, you'll get a reasonable outcome (you'll still need to invert the colours)

geek_gyrogearloose, Jul 3, 8:35 am

The scanners lamp may reflect off the tablets glass and make this a "non" option
Can hurt to try though :-)

geek_sqidlie, Jul 3, 10:26 am


Will you get a very satisfactory result?
Probably not.

What are you trying to print? There is most likely a considerably more elegant solution.

geek_oclaf, Jun 28, 3:28 am

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