Excel 2010 Problem

soundie1, Apr 2, 8:55pm
You will guess from this post I am a computer novice so I hope this will be easy for you experts to solve for me.
I am using excel 2010 I have cut and pasted a couple of rows of information from one spread set to another and now inadvertantly have done some thing which has completely locked me out from adding more information on the spread sheet I pasted to.A Micrsoft message window keeps popping up saying Reference is not valid.Where did I go wrong and more importantly how do get rid of it so I can continue with a spread sheet that has taken me ages at tortise pace .Many Thanks

cafc2012, Apr 2, 9:02pm

It sounds like some of the 'information' you cut and pasted included cells with formulae that now can't 'see' the cells containing the information they need to make the calculation. Either that or the rows you tried to cut and paste were from a 'pivot table' all of which depends on data it now can't find.

There is no easy fix without looking at the spreadsheet I'm afraid

gyrogearloose, Apr 2, 9:08pm
In this case when you did the paste, you should have chosen a 'Paste Special' and pasted Values - not formulas.

ceebee2, Mar 28, 10:16pm
Always good in hindsight.

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