Iphone problem

I have just started receiving frequent messages from my mother who has an old old phone and is with Spark that are written in some weird language like Russian. I have an iPhone and am with Vodafone. Ive had about 6 today. Ive checked settings and languages and nothing has been changed. Ive switched off my phone and so has she. But its still happening. I've been getting other random ones as well and dont know who they were from. It comes through with all this crazy language and at the bottom says 'Dismiss' If I click on the message to open it disappears. I can not save it to show anyone. I've taken a photo of it but dont know how to post here.

geek_thereason, Aug 8, 9:56 pm

I looked thanks. But photo is on phone and not computer. how do I upload direct to message board - here - from my iPhone.

geek_thereason, Aug 9, 12:03 pm

pretty sure u can't

geek_mazdasix, Aug 9, 12:33 pm

You can, just use the browser on the phone and make sure to switch to desktop site down the bottom of the page

geek_2nd2none, Aug 9, 1:58 pm

ok thanks?? But can anyone suggest what the problem could be about my Russian text messages. I think its just from my mothers phone and with replies to my messages.

geek_thereason, Mar 2, 11:14 pm

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