Running two monitors from 1 HDMI out (or via USB)

Hello! I am hoping to find a way to run two external monitors as well as my laptop screen. I'm aware of the Matrox tripleHead2Go and DualHead2Go, but the triple in NZ is over $700.
There is ebay, but I'm cautious.

Does anyone know any crafty and cost-effective ways of adding a third display monitor?

If I switched to desktop rather than laptop, is it easier to find a 3 monitor solution? Any recommended cards or even keywords to check out when searching?


geek_hlessells, Jul 30, 3:09 pm

There's this USB to VGA adaptor available at PB Tech for $49 Similar thing available on here for about $23 plus post

A desktop would allow you to install a mutiple output video card with ease, even the cheapest ones at PB tech run about $40-50 have three outputs (one VGA, one DVI, on HDMI) although I'm not sure if they will output to all three at once. There are similar ones on here for half that or less. Or you could try installing multiple video cards, or using a video card in conjunction with whatever onboard video chip the motherboard has (if it has one, not all of them do)

geek_peja, Aug 1, 12:15 am


geek_hlessells, Aug 1, 8:32 pm

Remember that USB to VGA is awfully slow. It's fine for displaying a fixed set of information or something that changes only occasionally that you want to reference, but it's nothing like having a real video card.

geek_tillsbury, Aug 1, 9:51 pm

I brought that as a fixed price offer and works a charm! Certain apps I use have gazillion windows so its great to have 3 monitors up and running. Thanks for the advice.

geek_hlessells, Aug 8, 3:43 pm

Yes this is just for windows that are clicked up on now and then, but a bit painful to get to when obscured by others.

geek_hlessells, Mar 12, 11:26 pm

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