How to add tags? metadata? to own video clips

master-trader, Apr 3, 11:45pm
I'm not are if i have used the correct terminology, but I am wanting to add some kind of tag video clips we have made so that when they are searched for on a users computer the search would return the relevant videos even i the term searched for isn't in the title.

As a hypothetical example if I had a video titled "Listing an item on Trade Me". I may want to add some kind of tags so that when a user searched for the terms photos, pricing, closing times, postage costs or providing bank details then the video "Listing an item on Trade Me" would appear in the list as it is relevant to the term searched for.

So far I have only come up with making a database of sorts in Excel, but was hoping to have the relevant search terms somehow contained as part of the video clip despite the terms not being in the title.

drsr, Mar 24, 9:04pm
Assuming it's Windows, you can use Windows Live Photo Gallery to do this. It works with videos as well as photos.

For some types of video file e.g. WMV files you can just add tags by right-clicking and selecting Properties, then Windows Explorer search will find them if it happens to be working and indexing properly (odds are not great on that score though).

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