Roll around pop ups

jonieponie, Mar 5, 9:48am
how on earth do i get rid of this crap, not sure how i got it but i cant get rid of it, can anyone help me please

suicidemonkey, Mar 5, 10:02am
Not without more specific info.

Where do you see the pop ups? Is it just when browsing the internet or when you're using other applications? What operating system? Have you done a malware scan?

jonieponie, Mar 5, 10:09am
mainly just when im on this site, i down loaded malaware bites, but it hasnt really helped, its operating on vista, to look at the screen now, there is a add on the left side of the page, one on the bottomand it keeps opening up new tabs, ant the thing is so slow its not funny, cheers

suicidemonkey, Mar 5, 10:14am
The ads are normal. To block those, use a program called AdBlock. I don't personally agree with it in general as ads help fund a lot of free websites, but I do think paid sites like Trademe shouldn't display adds.

As for tabs opening randomly, that's weird. Have you tried a different browser like Google Chrome or Firefox?

king1, Mar 5, 9:00pm
you've got some crap attached to the browser injecting ads - use this

jonieponie, Mar 6, 9:09am
tried adblock and adwcleaner and still geting the friggan things, i am using chrome as my browser, its doing my head in, any more suggestions?

jonieponie, Jun 13, 10:19pm
it changes the adds it displays, i typed in chevy siverado, i was getting adds for brake pads and spark plugs, then i typed in pinto horses and now im getting different horse stuff and stuff with the word pinto in it

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