Internet provider

geek_hazel26, May 15, 8:51 pm
Who is the best?

I'm with world exchange but it keeps cutting out and I'm over it

geek_r.g.nixon, May 15, 9:03 pm
Snap, Actrix, and Inspire are usually tops in the customer surveys.

geek_mgc54, May 15, 11:40 pm
Lodge a fault with World Exchange technical help? I find them very responsive. It could be one of many things. A problem at the exchange, a problem in your street, a problem with your internal wiring,modem issues who knows until you investigate. Changing your ISP may not resolve the issue?
I speak as a very happy world exchange aka xnet customer since 2006. Rare outages that usually resolve in the hour. Responsive NZ based tech support on the odd occasion I have needed it.
Check out "Contact us" here

geek_hazel26, May 16, 12:46 am
They had fixed a cable in the phone box right out side my house but still cutting out and I also went to vdsl and still doing the same thing, can't use the Internet in the bedrooms as it keeps cutting out!

geek_cleggyboy, May 16, 1:14 am
I'm with Actrix & could not speak more highly of them. Been with them since early 2004.

geek_mgc54, May 16, 2:16 am
Are there any PC's connected to the VDSL modem/router via Ethernet cable? do they cut out too?
Is it just a wifi strength issue in the bedrooms? do you have a little "stair step" signal strength indicator in your lower task bar? how many bars show?
And finally please who provided your VDSL modem/router? Brand and model number might help?

geek_downshire, May 16, 10:58 am
Another Actrix fan here.

geek_suicidemonkey, May 16, 11:04 am
I was with World Exchange for years and found the service and speed to be very poor. Switched to Spark, 2 years now and very pleased (which I didn't think would have been the case). People give them crap for the sake of it I think.

geek_trade_menow, May 16, 1:25 pm
Truenet reports snap have the fastest connection speeds cant comment on there customer service thou

geek_spyware, May 16, 2:55 pm
WiFI cutting out is your responsibility. Do a wireless survey t determine a free channel. Maybe have your house data cabled or look at at least running cable to wireless access points in ceiling.

All adsl/vdsl connections are provided by Chorus so all exactly the same performance.

geek_spyware, Nov 16, 8:24 am
And get a master/splitter filter installed at demarcation.

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