Samsung Galaxy S5 screen not working

I have a Galaxy S5 and the screen has stopped working, it still powers on as normal, with the light flashing and the bottom buttons light up, however nothing shows on the screen. I am pretty confident dark mode is not on and it has not been dropped. Any ideas on how to fix? It's still under warranty but cannot find the receipt so I don't like the chances of being able to send it away.

geek_arcane3, Jun 15, 4:42 pm

The place you bought it from probably has records of you buying it so you likely won't need the receipt for proof of purchase.

geek_brapbrap8, Jun 15, 4:58 pm

And unless you paid cash you will have the payment time/date/amount at the store in question on a bank statement.

geek__drdee_, Jun 15, 9:09 pm

Surely Samsung has some sort of registration process. ? Online warranty etc

I know with apple all you have to do is login to icloud with the device and the serial number and details are all logged across all products

geek_jon9, Aug 17, 5:09 am

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