IOS 8.3 speaks Kiwi

remmers, Apr 10, 5:28am
Just downloaded on iPhone 6, so far so good, nice that NZ is included this time around re Siri etc.

gibler, Apr 10, 6:39am
hopefully it doesn't sound like Sue Bradford.

remmers, Apr 10, 6:46am
Or John Key!

jon9, Apr 10, 9:11pm
Does it search NZ locations now?

remmers, Apr 10, 9:21pm
Yes so anyone who has or knows someone with small business should check their details or they may miss out.

jon9, Apr 10, 10:13pm
Excellent, have you noticed any change in battery usage? I always leave upgrading a week or two if there are any small issues.

brycer, Apr 10, 10:42pm
works great :-)

mattnzw, Feb 27, 10:21am
The new kiwi male voice sounds bored. The female voice is the same aussie accent as before and sounds better.

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