Has anyone made video calls on a Samsung S6

I have tried but had no success.

geek_oliver6, Jul 1, 6:14 pm

Did you have data network up and not wireless? I remember something like that vaguely when i bothered trying. Long time ago so could be wrong.

geek_acura, Jul 1, 8:25 pm

I had both turned on as I didn't know which was needed.

geek_oliver6, Jul 1, 10:04 pm

You need credit if you're with Spark or Vodafone.

geek_rz_zone, Jul 1, 10:38 pm

. and to be within the 3G coverage of your network

geek_flower_tears, Jul 2, 1:44 am

Turning both on. that means that if you are say at home within your own wireless network then cellphone data network isn't being used. Wireless networks are used 1st then cellphone network for data. I think you needs cell data network. and of course ringing someone with a video capable phone - should be common enough these days.

geek_acura, Jun 29, 11:25 pm

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