bobin55, Feb 9, 9:57am
best way to upgrade from xp to ? with very little cash

waipawa, Feb 9, 10:04am
Why do you want to upgrade? You might be better off sticking with XP, especially if your computer is as old as the OS.

mazdasix, Feb 9, 10:12am
? is very expensive

elv, Feb 9, 6:23pm
Replace it with Ubuntu (Linux) for free.

r.g.nixon, Feb 9, 6:24pm

king1, Feb 9, 8:00pm
if you want to stick with a windows environments, there are no cheap/free options (other than pirated of course).
Also important to note that there is no upgrade path from XP to 7/8 etc, it's a backup, clean install, then reinstall everything process.

r.g.nixon, Feb 9, 8:09pm
Or just buy a second-hand box with W7 already on it. Often cheaper than W7 itself.

bobin55, Feb 9, 9:03pm
linux may be a pos but which one? and is it compatible with windows. what do i lose or gain by changing

r.g.nixon, Feb 9, 9:43pm
It isn't compatible with Windows, but will do every common task that Windows does. Only specialist programs may not have a close Linux equivalent. e.g. I use MapInfo Professional and have too much invested in it to change over to QGIS.

frogycrzy, Aug 28, 10:00am
if you check my items I can d a deal if you want to I can stick a os on a drive 4 you if need b. all you need is case and power supply and monitor. item 844690116

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