Slingshot problem?

b.j.nichols, Feb 25, 4:44am
Anyone having problems with slingshot in Auckland? They say no problems their end so must be modem/ router but we know router is fine. Thanks.

intrade, Feb 25, 4:52am
what problem? your wiring could be or the exchange like i have had a ton of problem in the last 20 years with the above. if you live rural i would say 80% chance its a wire.

robotix1970, Feb 26, 10:11am
the name says it all . , the sling is shot lmao

linzis, Jul 1, 4:21am
We have had issues past 2 days. Can't even get through to SS by phone.
Speed is intermittent. Almost dial up, and we have an unlimited plan.
You can load a website one minute, 5 mins later just hangs, or only half the web page loads.
At no time does the router switch off. Even resetting the router makes a difference for all of 5 mns.

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