Google transmission fees?

kevinjosie, Apr 16, 7:10am
Just wondering if anyone can help me. I have bought a wireless printer which I have set up to use on my tablet and in setting it up I received this message: " Download requires registration for a Google account.
The application can be downloaded for free; however, transmission fees for connecting to Google Play apply". Does anyone know what this would mean?

lugee, Apr 16, 7:14am
Probably just saying that it's going to use data, which costs as part of your internet subscription. (so it's not going to cost extra per se, just use data that you've paid for)

wayne416, Apr 16, 7:20am
What make? I've got an Epson and all i need to print from phone is their app which can be downloaded from Google play or any other app store free.

suicidemonkey, Apr 16, 7:22am
They are just saying that the download will count towards your data allocation. Same as going to a website or downloading a video.

kevinjosie, Apr 16, 7:31am
so it is not really going to cost me each time i print something. it is a canon.

suicidemonkey, Apr 16, 7:34am
If you're printing remotely from your phone over a 3G network then it might if you're not on a data plan. Otherwise probably not.

kevinjosie, Apr 16, 7:59am
i am just printing from my tablet. i am on a vodafone plan.

wayne416, Apr 16, 8:18am
No, just set printer WIFI up with password on printer, install their app on tablet, open WIFI settings on tablet and you should see printer, connect to printer with the password, open app on tablet and you should see printer, select that and you are good to go. Its all between printer and tablet, no internet used.

kevinjosie, Feb 13, 9:04am
thank you for all the help. i think i understand it.

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