Laptop has been hijacked by a musical tune

I was on facebook and clicked on theanimalrescuesite.greatergoo- and music started playing and it continues to play over and over even when I turn off my laptop. It's driving me bonkers! My laptop is an Acer, Aspire with Windows 8.1.
Can anyone please help me?!

geek_possum257, May 3, 7:22 am

geek_king1, May 3, 7:24 am

and if it starts playing again when you restart it, tunr the volume down for a start then hunt out the startup list and delete the offending music

theanimalrescuesite.greatergoo- is a genuine site, and doesn't play music when you visit it, the music has probably been inserted on the facebook page you linked from - another damn good reason to block facebook permanently

geek_skin1235, May 3, 7:29 am

Thankfully it stopped of its own accord after around an hour. Thanks to both of you for your advice. I know now never to visit that animal rescue site again!
BTW, turning down the volume on the laptop didn't make any difference.

geek_possum257, May 4, 3:01 am

It would've until you made it quieter when you got it sorted though, wouldn't it have?

geek_hakatere1, Dec 18, 2:03 pm