Chrome problem with site certificates

geek_jezabell, May 16, 1:59 am
I have had chrome for years and just yesterday it stopped letting me into my banking (one bank westpac fine on others)
It gives me
and all that stuff and then it says
Net err cert authority invalid.
I can get on via explorer but it comes up with cert warning as well but I can by pass it which the bank said is fine as it is a secure connection. ( do not like doing that)
Chrome will not let me by pass it and yet it has been fine on banking for years.
Bank help said it is always happening with chrome.
I reset my chrome but no go.
What can I do to get it all back up and running as it should.?

geek_jezabell, May 16, 2:02 am
Oh I should add.
The https and lock in address bar have a red cross and slash on them.
There is no virus or add ware or malware on my comp, I keep it pretty clean and have done every check possible and no problem.

geek_king1, May 16, 2:05 am
usual cause - check the date and time

geek_jezabell, May 16, 2:13 am
Date and time correct

geek_king1, May 16, 2:20 am
ctr shift delete - empty the temp files

At this page, does it give the certificate error?

and does it do it with the original and the Westpac One or just one of them

geek_king1, May 16, 2:25 am
might pay to run this through it too - just in case

geek_jezabell, May 16, 2:28 am
Oh that link went straight through to the log in page.but does still have the https and padlock crossed out.

geek_jezabell, May 16, 2:29 am
does it with both new site and original banking is that what you mean?

geek_jezabell, May 16, 2:33 am
emptied temp files and still happening.

geek_jezabell, May 16, 3:45 am
Maybe have to uninstall chrome and go for another browser?
I like chrome but this banking thing is driving me mad.

geek_cjdnzl, May 16, 4:14 am
Try Opera browser, it's based on the Chromium (?) engine, but is much nicer to use and fast as. Free, version 29 or 30 I think. Never have a problem with my bank, or any other website that I have looked at.

geek_king1, May 16, 4:40 am
perhaps list the entire certificate error message - might have more detail.

Did the adware scan find anything?

geek_zak410, May 16, 4:41 am
I think it's a good idea to have two browsers for times like that OP, try Firefox, or Opera.
Also do you have any add-ons on Chrome?
if you have try to disable them. ?

geek_vtecintegra, Nov 18, 9:01 pm
First thing's first - is Chrome up to date?

It does look like that bank has set their cert chain up incorrectly but it shouldn't cause you that problem.

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