Printer suddenly refusing to print,-msg wrong ink

minn1, Feb 6, 8:29pm
cartridge ! I have used a compatible cartridge twice now, and have had this one for a few months, printing off no problem at all, and suddenly yesterday it won't print, and an audio message telling me to 'please note the message on my screen' -and it says 'incompatible ink cartridge". I've tried turning everything off, and restarting etc in case it was an odd glitch, even popping an old (almost empty) original Lexmark cartridge back in to see what happens. same thing. Anyone know why this has suddenly happened? After using compatibles successfully? SO frustrating. Any advice gratefully received

cleggyboy, Feb 6, 8:37pm
I had that trouble with my HP printer so I ditched it, they are a dime a dozen these days, so rather than get the blood pressure rising I took the easy way out. LOL.

minn1, Feb 6, 8:45pm
lol, that's what I was thinking. I thought, 'stuff you, I'll get a different printer just to show ya!". then I wondered if this was something that they all did. I just don't get how come it has only just started after using them with no problem. Oh bum. I really cant afford a new printer right now. Had hoped there was something I could do to get mine going again.

webworth, Feb 6, 10:36pm
Those "incompatible" or "not recognised" messages were the reason I scrapped two previous HP printers so I wasn't happy to see the same thing soon after I bought my present Brother MFC-J470DW. It came with LC131 inks but the shop told me to use LC133 instead, magenta colour must be genuine Brother ink and although it is ok to use non-Brother for the other colours, the black should always be pigment-based not dye. A lot to remember when buying inks!

minn1, Sep 5, 7:47am
I took cleggyboy's advice and did a quick lookie at warehouse stationary's site. and got myself down there promptly! OMGosh,. show how long since I bought a printer. I got a new one with a scanner AND a spare black cartridge, for about the cost of a 'proper' cartridge for the old Lexmark. And now I am wishing the old one had spat at me ages ago lol. Thanks for the comments

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