Adobe PDF documents printing too large after sent?

I subscribe to Adobe Acrobat Pro on my PC which allows me to do a few more things than the free version available. If I create a page, for example, an invoice in Excel and save it as a PDF, I can print it perfectly on an A4 page from my printer. However, I have recently started doing some work for someone, and the PDF's I forward to him via email are printing on his printer as LARGE. and not fitting on an A4 page? He has an Apple desktop computer. I thought it may have been able to fix this in his settings prior to pressing "PRINT", but tried to do so at his office yesterday and it didn't work? If I sent the same page in either WORD or EXCEL it prints as it should, but I need to send most in PDF format. Any suggestions or solutions welcome. Thanks

geek_gumboots, Aug 13, 1:31 pm

How large? And can't Apple do a 'fit to page' print?

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 13, 1:36 pm

They look like they'd fit on an A3 page? He clicked on the 'fit to page' button and still no joy. I hope to get access to his computer one day if he isn't busy using it, and I could try a few things in his printer settings. I thought it may have been a problem with the PDF's I'm creating, though I've done them before and printed them off at Warehouse Stationery and other printers and they print as they should, so I think the problem is likely to be at his end. He admits to not being savvy with computers, and I am not familiar with Apple.

geek_gumboots, Aug 13, 1:48 pm

Send it to him as a jpeg.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 13, 1:55 pm

Just a thought, but does he have an a3 printer and is this the paper size he has selected? Irrespective of whether PC is apple or windows, printer settings are pretty universal. Make sure he is on a4/legal

geek_tbc4, Aug 13, 2:06 pm

Thank you r.g.nixon and tbc4. I will send it to him in jpeg and see how he goes. The pages I send him usually need to go into a presentation so the printing is better quality from a PDF (according to the printers). He does print on A3 from time to time, so I will try to have a look at that also. Your suggestions are much appreciated :-)

geek_gumboots, Feb 23, 11:21 pm

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