Malwarebytes problem

gdnshack, Feb 5, 10:08pm
Just lately when I've run a Malwarebytes scan it picks up several Trojan Sire.def.C in the recycle bin. When I try to do the 'quarantine' it goes "Windows is not responding to this programme" and it does not get rid of them - unless I empty the recycle bin. Have googled this and other people have had the same thing happen and it tells you to download some file and run it but apparently that didn't work for people and it was too complicated anyway. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it (the free version) but it is still happening. At the moment I am sure there are no viruses in the recycle bin because I do a Malwarebytes scan of things before I open them and put them in recycle bin (downloaded TV programmes). So I tried using 'Superantispyware and all that found was some cookies. I just hate having to empty the recycle bin to get rid of these things because Malwarebytes won't do it.

.pc2u., Feb 5, 10:12pm

gdnshack, Feb 5, 10:46pm
OK. Will give this one a go. Also there is one called 'Hitman'. I used to have it installed but never used it, so might try this as well.

sarah19711, Feb 6, 3:12am Worked for me removing everything bad although it costs $40 for a licensed copy

velenski, Feb 6, 7:34pm
why pay ? ,free ones work.

hammerman1, Feb 6, 7:39pm
Superantispyware. fast and efficient!

gdnshack, Feb 6, 9:50pm
I have run this one and it finds and removes a few cookies but it doesn't detect the trojans in the recycle bin like Malwarebytes does. I just wish that it would work again like it used to. As far as I can see there should be no trojan things in the recycle bin anyway because I scan individual items before opening them.

cleggyboy, Feb 6, 9:56pm
It may be a Malwarebytes problem, see if there is any updates to instal.

I recently put the paid version on my computer OMG what problems I had, it was conflicting with Trend Micro so I had to uninstall it, now the computer is running great.

gdnshack, Sep 5, 7:40am
I think you are right - I have the latest free version of Malwarebytes after uninstalling and reinstalling. And also I think the paid version is about $24 and that would be money down the drain for you. I have Kaspersky Internet Security (which should catch the trojans anyway) and I reckon the paid version of Malwarebytes would probably conflict with it too, so not going down that track. lol.

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