Video Software - free, who uses what

I have spent a few days looking at free licence software to do home video processing and making a DVD of what I have. Got Win Movie Maker and have downloaded Wondershare, Cyberlink and a NHC editor. They all look good but before I dive into any of these and learn how its done in that programme, I would like to try a popular and easy to use programme and wonder what others are using ? thanks

geek_zl2adl, Feb 7, 5:58 am

Try handbrake that can convert video.

geek_mr-word, Feb 7, 6:41 am

Just use Windows Movie Maker.
Any novice can use it and it does the job pretty well, especially if it's for home use.

geek_beserkerang, Feb 7, 7:17 am

If you want a decent one pay some $$. I got Corel visual studio for about $70. Blows movie maker out of the water

geek_wotz_it_2_ya, Feb 7, 8:37 am

To make your videos into a DVD this is the best ive found that's free and you have good menu options and its fast. DVDs play on any player but be WARNED that the install comes with a lot of crap extra programs so if you try it LOOK as you install and un-check them. As i say a good program but comes with risks easily missed. Also scan with your AV to check it before installing also.

geek_wayne416, Feb 7, 10:41 am

Yes, be careful if installing. My internet security program (ESET Smart Security) flagged it as a "potentially unwanted program" (PUP) before I could even download the file.

geek_chnman, Feb 7, 10:53 pm

Comodo flags it as containing PUPs, installed it on friends computer the other night, i just clicked install anyway and unticked all the rubbish during the install, no problems. As i said above a very good program, probably why its full of rubbish. Install not for the faint hearted.

geek_wayne416, Sep 1, 11:29 pm