Samsung S5 car charger - buy genuine or ?

one of the many 3rd party ones from here? If the latter, any recommended brands or traders?

geek_wron, Jul 6, 11:06 pm

Genuine ones availabe today on FirstIn $14.99
Check here:

geek_galex, Jul 7, 10:53 am

Thanks for the link but they're wall chargers which came with phone!
I've emailed them to see if they have the others.

geek_wron, Jul 7, 1:33 pm I bought a phone holder with charger off them for my phone

geek_newbie5, Jul 7, 2:12 pm

For the car just get a Belkin 2.1A usb adapter from here and plug your cable into that.

geek_pandai, Jul 7, 3:01 pm

Thanks. I see you can get double units, each 2.1A, with cable, others without.

geek_wron, Jul 7, 11:04 pm

mber2 I really enjoyed looking through the mobilefun site - do they have a shop in NZ, or did the goods arrive from Aussie?

geek_wron, Jul 7, 11:20 pm

wron. I think they are an Aussie store online but my purchase came from UK and with purchase price plus shipping only cost $30 NZ and I got it in only 5 days
I got the olixar trailbazer pro universal kit which is car holder and charger also has a usb connection.
There are 5 different phone adapters so you can plug in any phone you have .
really pleased with my purchase.
It was 1/2 the price of an inferior one I looked at on TM

geek_newbie5, Jun 12, 4:54 am

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