Padlock icon help

wondering if any one can help, running on windows 8.1 computer is now slow to start up and slow running, have also a small padlock icon on left hand margin and it seems to be fixed to explorer also I cannot "share information" so cannot pass any word etc. on to emails which I need to do.
what have I done? Can any one help? thanks

geek_cleoplatra, Jun 8, 1:52 pm

To fix slowness: Do you let Windows run maintenance automatically? If not CCleaner from Piriform (free) does an even better job of clearing out junk files). That is just *one* of many possible reasons for slowness.

Not sure what your 'explorer' issues is. I assume you mean Internet Explorer (big blue e icon), not Windows Explorer?

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 8, 3:01 pm

Thanks r,g,nixon yes I do let it run maintenance automatically. Yes it is the big blue e and has a padlock on it.

geek_cleoplatra, Jun 8, 4:05 pm

Give an example of how you "share information". Do you mean you can't select text from a web page, copy, then paste it into an email?

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 8, 4:19 pm

Padlock is probably just telling you the website is a secure, nothing to worry about if that is the case

geek_piperguy, Sep 5, 10:19 pm

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