Help with cloud backup and s5 gallery please!

arcticrose, Mar 3, 7:37am
right i need help! i got a galaxy s5 not even a month ago and it has no storage space left, even with an sd card! i can't receive txts or notifications anymore because of this. i think the problem lies with pics/vids and this is why i need some assistance from you lovely folk that know about these modern day devices! :)
i did a backup on my laptop to what i thought was dropbox, but somehow all my pics/vids (dating right back to 2004) are now on picasa, dropbox (some) AND google drive/google+. i have all these apps on my ph as well (except for picasa) so all those pics etc are also showing up in my ph gallery URGH!
i'm unsure how i managed to have so many 'cloud' sites when i only need the one. so, if i uninstall dropbox and just use google+, then delete all the pics from my gallery, will that delete them from the google+ location as well? or just the ph?
then, can i go into google+ on my ph and see the pics from there instead of using the ph gallery?
geez, i'm so stupid! LOL i hope that makes sense!

_drdee_, Jun 19, 9:12pm
Install the free Samsung management software KIES onto your computer then plug your phone in and do a back up, it will give you a breakdown of what is using up your storage (very unlikely photos unless we are talking about a few thousand, more likely video which on the highest quality can use up space very quickly).

Once you get the device under control Choose a cloud storage (google drive/dropbox are the most common), google+ is not really cloud storage it is more like uploading photos/video to facebook.
You can turn off the auto-backup feature in each from the settings menu so only one is actually backing up.
Also, you can choose to save photos directly to the SD card rather than internal storage from the camera settings so you never use up that internal storage to stop other functions from working.

At its most simplest, you can plug your S5 into your computer and access the storage just like a USB flash drive. Copy the photos/videos to your computer and then delete them from the S5. This will free up the space and then you can manage the photos/videos on your PC.

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