Insulmax "Woolly Walls" spam anyone?

waipawa, Apr 3, 2:53am
I had an email in my inbox from this insulation company, which I never asked for and have never heard of before. It contains the highly useful information:

"Subscriber Information

Subscription method: Import by administrator"

So I have sent an email to them asking where they got my email from. Looks to me like someone I do have dealings with has sold it to them. I would like to know who that was.

Anyone else had this email?

waipawa, Apr 3, 4:31am
As you were. It turns out they got my details from one of the competitions I used to enter on Choice TV, before I realized that doing so only won me the "prize" of lots of unwanted commercial emails!

mycool87, Mar 26, 8:26am
I know that insulmax is new type of insulation from the UK. Good for older houses with poor insulation.

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