Samsung Galaxy S5 help locked out

Help needed please.
I have had my phone for 1 week. Today it did not recognise my fingerprint and locked me out.
It now wants my password. I have either forgotten it or never entered a password.
I cannot access my phone at all now.
I tried the android phone track thing on my laptop. This gave me the option to change my password, but it then said that I already had a password after I tried to enter a new password.

Any suggestions please? I am so over this new phone.

geek_sue62, Jun 30, 7:09 pm

Very hard to unlock a locked phone unlike a computer, keep trying or do a phone reset but don't include the SD card if you are given the option to keep your photos etc if you had set it to store to SD card. You will loose messages etc however. Samsung's are not that good anymore in my opinion, but people tend base quality on price now days.

geek_wayne416, Jun 30, 9:23 pm

When all else fails: I don't get that you've only had it a week. The setup procedure should have required you to register an unlock password. Any clue why your fingerprint might have changed? Obvious (but probably stupid) answer is different finger. There is probably a limited number of times you can try that anyway. Another link to try:

geek_mikep, Jun 30, 11:14 pm

If you went with your receipt (proof of ownership) to your local Spark shop they may be able to help by re setting the phone Sue62. It does take some getting used to a new phone. I have an iphone but although I do have the finger print access activated, I also have a pin number to get in. I find that your finger or thumb print does change,(rough from gardening etc) and it is a feature that I have found frustrating and usually just use the number to unlock. GOOD LUCK.

geek_lynja, Jul 1, 6:33 am

Thanks everyone. My sister has suggested for sometime that I update my old flip top phone. AAAAH. Maybe simpler was better

geek_sue62, Jul 1, 6:54 am

If you set a passcode on your flip phone and subsequently forgot it you'd be in exactly the same situation.

geek_vtecintegra, Jul 1, 8:11 am

All sorted. Took the phone back and had a really helpful Salesman reset it for me.
I will not use the finger print recognition now, just a password

geek_sue62, Jul 1, 8:23 pm

well done sue62, great you took my advise. You can actually do both - if the finger print doesnt work it asks for the passcode. (Iphone does, not sure about the samsung) you can re submit your finger print, but it will ask for your passcode before allowing that. Best idea is to find someone else with the same phone who can show you all the features.

geek_lynja, Jul 2, 11:11 am

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