Can't open Chrome (Vista)

gracie3, Apr 21, 11:21pm
I deleted a few files a couple of days ago, one being a remote access file I thought I didn't need. Next time I turned the computer on it said "failed to connect to a Windows Service". I used a restore point and it worked for one day then went back to it this morning. This time I used an earlier restore point and it worked, but I can't get Chrome to open and it's the one I use all the time. I got a message to say Windows is closing the program. Can anyone help?

suicidemonkey, Apr 21, 11:22pm

gracie3, Apr 21, 11:27pm
What about all my bookmarks, etc?

king1, Apr 21, 11:55pm
chrome will remember them during uninstall/reinstall usually

suicidemonkey, Apr 21, 11:58pm
If you've logged into Chome with your Google account (it asks you the first time you open it), it will have synced them.

gracie3, Jan 24, 3:11pm
I got it working. I was downloading updates and went into Computer, Local Disc C, Program Files, Google, Chrome, Application. I found two Chrome files, old and new. I clicked on new and everything went back to normal. I just hope it stays like that, lol.

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