Fibre v VDSL

pestri, Jun 26, 3:43am
I am on the verge of having fibre installed, the tech came around this am to do his survey, however that left me quite dissatisfied. The installation can't be done as I had wanted. [ concrete floor 2 story place.] so the cable needs to be routed half way around the house and the modem/router unit placed on an outside wall [inside] . That means all my carefully run cable put in just 4 years ago during the build process can't be used and what used to be a very central wifi modem instal will then be removed a distance from the central point. The Techie could not tell me if the ISP supplied wifi router would be up to the job and suggested that an additional booster may be necessary. Then there's the regigging of the phone system.

Then there is the VDSL option which seems to offer 3x the speed of ADSL. no guarantees. [of course, customer is just expected to pay up and shut up regardless] Current ISP wont provide VDSL so it means a shift to Vodaphone or Orcon.

Anyone familiar with VDSL that can provide sensible commentary as to speed and reliability. did it solve any buffering issues?

pyro_sniper2002, Jun 26, 3:50am
VDSL speads greatly depend on your distance to the cabinet (mini exchange). Much like with ADSL. This is not an issue with Fibre.

pandai, Jun 26, 4:08am
How many locations did you run data cabling to?

Where did the installer want to put the ONT?

You could keep your router in your preferred location, and use the data cabling you already have installed to connect the router to the ONT - they don't have to be right beside each other.

pestri, Jun 26, 4:51am
No cable past central stairwell Its all wifi here. and no I wont be running cable along to floor from the outside wall to the stairwell if I can help it either. Progress huh?

ianab, Jun 26, 4:52am
Your existing cabling can be used. Install the Fibre box where it's convenient, and run one cable back to a cheap network switch at your current hub. From there the connections fan out to the various machines you want to connect. Doesn't mater if the patch lead connecting the fibre box to your network switch is 1 m long or 50 m long, it will still work exactly the same.

In a 2 story concrete house you probably want 2 wifi access points anyway. The supplied one at one end of the house, and cheap access point down the other end, or on the other floor, all connected up with your existing cabling.

VDSL is an improvement over ADSL, but it's still using copper wire, and pushing how much data that can carry pretty much to the max. The fibre connection is technically much better, and capable of higher speeds than are currently being sold, just by upgrading the electronics at each end. So it's likely a fibre connection can be upgraded in the future, VDSL is pretty much maxed out already.

cleggyboy, Jun 26, 8:59pm
I have just gone to fibre, the speed is fantastic, BUT the phone is another matter. Sometimes I am unable to ring out without rebooting the router and other times people can not ring in. They assured me they are working on it, but this has gone on far too long. Grrrrrr!

I warned them before the job was done that my house is wired with the old 3 wire system for the phone, but they told me 'she will be right mate'.

fishb8, Jun 26, 9:10pm
My installation went down the driveway, then up the outside wall, into the attic, then followed my sky dish cable into my lounge, behind the TV.
My wifi is really good and for my office, upstairs, I have a TP-Link - the modem is on the same power cct as my office upstairs - ethernet cable from modem to power point downstairs with Tp-link, then TP link plugged in to power point and ethernet cable to desktop PC.
This is the speed from upstairs office I had VDSL, getting 35/10, which I thought was very good but UFF is excellent. This is the external cabling - not the prettiest but got a good result.

edit - my phone works well - with My Republic

fishb8, Jun 26, 10:18pm
wifi from laptop in lounge (5hZ) LAN
Not a big difference, eh?

cleggyboy, Jun 26, 11:01pm
My speed at the moment is 68.03 & 18.54 that is on fibre.

mrfxit, Jun 27, 2:40am
*Cough* 206 down ;-)

mrfxit, Jun 27, 2:41am

cleggyboy, Jun 27, 3:41am
My speedtest only goes upto 100 on the download.

Latest 77.69 / 18.54

tail_red, Jun 27, 4:01am
The problem with fiber is if you don't own the place you live in, it's highly likely they will refuse to install it for you, unless the installation is requested by the owner directly.
Even if you do own it, they still need to ask for your neighbors' and building manager's consent if it's not a standalone house. In other words, if you are in an apartment that's not pre-wired, you might as well forget about fiber.

spyware, Jun 27, 6:46am
Sad affair maybe. Wifi isn't some miracle technology that will perform in all circumstances and to rely on it over cable may be a mistake, ISP supplied router/access point is super low powered of course. Your choice. In a two storey house you should have an access point on each level anyway (wired back to a central point).

You also can't expect a free install to cover everything, nothing stopping you getting a data cabler to do the additional work.

Many houses, even modern ones, have been incorrectly cabled by idiot electricians anyway, i.e., cat5 used but simply daisy chained single pair which is completely useless for data.

pestri, Jun 27, 7:53am
I do. its all centered on the central stairwell with three points of access. However Fibre will only run to an outside wall. IMO simply an illusion of progress where best is once again the enemy of better, for which we taxpayers have fronted up with $1B for the benefit of Chorus & Co.

fishb8, Jun 27, 10:17pm
Following a fibre installation, can the fibre cable be tapped to have a 2nd termination? The cable goes into my attic then downstairs to lounge. I have an upstairs office with a now redundant telephone jack - the cable could easily follow this?
Would it be worth it as I already get 6/50/19 in my office?

puddleduck00, Jun 27, 11:08pm
Agree. I ditched the Spark supplied router and got myself one of their business gateways that support 802.11ac (via some good advice on here). My ac capable devices connect locally at a minimum of 567mbps at the furthest point in my house from the router. No bottlenecks now and good for transferring files locally too.

travis47, Jun 27, 11:14pm
Hi puddleduck00. So did you get that from Spark themselves?

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