Do Smart phones come in here?

I just wonder every night why my smart phone Galaxy Ace 3 needs recharging completely every night even if I have only used it for a few texts?

geek_colliers, May 21, 8:11 pm

Could be a million reasons.

Bluetooth, GPS turned on when not needed.
Screen brightness too high.
Apps in the background using battery.
The battery itself could need replacing.
Phone could need a reset.

Most cheaper smartphones need charging every night anyway (even some of the high-end phones do). If it lasts you through the day I wouldn't worry.

geek_suicidemonkey, May 21, 8:13 pm

Not a cheap one - nearly $400. will take it in to Telecom I think. Thanks for answering anyway.

geek_colliers, May 21, 8:26 pm

The Ace 3 is worth about $190? At PB Tech at least.

Anyways, take it to Spark, they might reset it for you.

geek_suicidemonkey, May 21, 8:33 pm

I paid $179 for mine. Depending on what I am doing mine will go for a few days before charging. But I don't use a lot of data and I mainly text and make short calls. But I see it needs charging again but that was because I had a long conversation with my teenager who is currently at Uni.

geek_joanie04, May 21, 9:11 pm

Do you leave wifi or mobile data on as they use up alot of power just to maintain signal strength

geek_trade_menow, Oct 26, 3:53 pm

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