Norton 360 is pretty good huh?

black-heart, Aug 22, 5:57am
SO i was tasked with installing a multifunction printer. initially it installed and tested ok, the system seemed slow and the little norton icon was my first suspect for that.
Later I got called back because the scanning no longer worked. Seemed the software would hang or crash.

I was looking at programs & features. to remove and reinstall the canon toolbox. ANd saw a bunch of crap like 'search toolbar LLC' and some other rubbish that norton seemed to allow on.
So I went for the adwcleaner. lol norton didn't want me to download that, but gave me the option 'download anyway' so I did, then when I went to run it. nortons deleted the download. claiming it was untrusted / known malware.

Uninstall norton. re-download and remove dozens of malware entries.
install MBAM, find more malware.
Enable MS windows defender, update / scan. more malware.

That laptop ran great, and no more scanner issues.
Thanks nortons, keeping up with your reputation still.

There was also 5 chrome plugins that nortons installed, and didn't remove when uninstalled, just like malware. I guess they are learning some tricks from their competition.

gibler, Aug 22, 5:58am
There is one poster on here that loves the Nortons.

chnman, Aug 22, 7:29am
I used to use Norton Internet Security, but their support has gone downhill in my opinion. Confusing product range and differs in different countries. I cannot recommend Norton anymore. Do not buy!

suicidemonkey, Aug 22, 7:32am
A helpful Indian gentleman from Microsoft called me because my computer had errors. He fixed it for me remotely and all I had to do was give him my credit card number. So now I don't have any viruses. wooo!

thewomble1, Aug 22, 10:23am
He must have had a good very good day because he 'fixed' my computer as well. Only cost me an arm and a leg.

tony9, Aug 23, 2:51am
That bloke called me too. We had some difficulty because he was reluctant to give me his credit card number. Then we had great difficulty identifying the Windows system that was bothering him. All went downhill fast when told we only had Apple and Linux OSes.

mike16, Aug 24, 5:02am
He rang me too . and I'm so glad I gave him my numbers because he will do a weekly maintenance check on my puter and debit my card direct . now he doesn't need to email me an account !
I've recommended him to all my friends !
At last . a techi I can trust !

moltenfire, Jan 19, 3:23pm
Norton is a virus in it's own right. A bloody apalling hunk of crapware.

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