Windows latest Update

babz_nz, Feb 21, 8:43am
has caused IE to crash anyone else have this problem

the-archer, Feb 21, 8:49am
Yip ours is out too

kayjoh, Feb 21, 8:54am
Yip having to use tablet now laptop is
not working

babz_nz, Feb 21, 8:57am
I had to restore computer quickly go and disable live updtes and download Chrome so I can get online IE worked long enough to download it then stopped again

wayne416, Feb 21, 9:00am
If you want it fixed its not going to happen if you disable updates.

danjoboys, Feb 21, 9:06am
Glad I'm not the only one - appears to have happened to a lot of people.

babz_nz, Feb 21, 9:23am
no once I got chrome downloaded I enabled it again

twinklestar2, Feb 21, 9:41am
Well my pc was playing up a bit this afternoon, but i restarted it and its ok now. I have windows 7

babz_nz, Feb 21, 9:45am
appears the problem is the norton's update causing the crash so not sure when it will be fixed

babz_nz, Feb 21, 9:49am

kayjoh, Feb 21, 10:07am
Thanks for that babz will see how it is in the morning.

stickman100, Feb 21, 11:03am
FIXED, Run live update, the problem was fixed for me, and there was no reboot required, just a very small quick live update.

kayjoh, Feb 21, 5:38pm
All good here, did the live update first before clicking IE. Thanks Stickman.

mike485, Feb 21, 7:55pm
Thank you worked like a charm

lester36, Feb 21, 8:40pm
My explore not working but crome is

stickman100, Feb 21, 9:53pm
Try re-running Live Update for Norton and Internet Explorer.

skh1, Feb 22, 6:09am
three comps crashed here damn it, lucky we too had chrome

shoshannah, Jul 16, 2:52am
IE crashed for me too sometime yesterday afternoon and was still not going this morning, but when I got home from the market is was all ok. Glad to know what is was. thanks

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