Sky,tvnz,mediaworks,spark want to stop global mode

phalanax, Apr 15, 10:27pm
Heard on radio that they will be seeking to stop folk accessing overseas media (tv shows etc) after 5pm today. seems to me that there wouldnt be much point in having the 'internet' if it was to be watered down to local services only. I think if these local media companies cant foot it with the global market then thats tough luck. so if your watching a tv prog or video or movie watchout the data police will be out and about sniffing. prepare to be treated like a pirate. lol

nzoomed, Apr 16, 12:04am
theres nothing they can do about it.
Its the internet, and its a breach of freedom if we cant view sites that are accessible in the US for example.
Internet should be global, lets keep it that way.

monsieurl, Apr 16, 12:06am
They can't and never will be able to stop people from accessing multimedia from abroad, anyone who has any worries or issues just need to google "VPN" "IP blockers" etc

monsieurl, Apr 16, 12:09am
It is? Where in our constitution does it say that!

Oh wait. what?

mr-word, Apr 16, 2:05am
I had and used global mode on slingshot and tried it out. It wasn't very effective against youtube geoblocking i don't know what the media companies are crying about. It is easier to get what you want from downloading.

sheltie08, Apr 16, 5:59am
Isn't it basically the same as parallel importing? Buying Netflix etc through another overseas source?

tintop, Apr 16, 6:52am
Yes - but that still has to be tested in court.

Also - they raise a couple of other things, copyright and that movies are not subject to NZ censorship.

It will be interesting. :)

sheltie08, Apr 16, 10:49am
Same can be said for DVDs and books purchased overseas

nzoomed, Feb 12, 10:17am
Still not the ISP's fault, for a start its not breaching copyright, only broadcasters exclusive rights.

Secondly banned films can already be downloaded (illegally) from torrents and file sharing anyway!

And none of this is the ISP's fault, its like saying that they should ban internet because it allows people to breach copyright.

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