Battery help needed please.

colliers, May 4, 7:55am
I have a Dell latitude D630 which is probably a couple of years old at least. Has Windows 7 installed. The battery icon says I need to replace the battery - I had another old laptop which ran on the electricity power and thinking that I could maybe do this again. Not sure how to tho - any help/advice appreciated. Thanks.

suicidemonkey, May 4, 8:00am
I assume you have a cable that you plug in to charge the battery? Just plug that in.

Or replace the battery.

colliers, May 6, 11:27pm
Thanks - yes, I have a plugin that charges it up - has a black box in between. What I dont understand is if that is all that is necessary why does the icon for battery keeps going red and saying battery needs replacing.
I know I sound duh! But am mid 70's and sometimes just need pointing in the right direction!

suicidemonkey, Dec 13, 4:09pm
It means the battery is too old and needs replacing. Batteries only have a lifespan of a few years.

Alternatively, take the battery out and just use the power cable.

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