Quick internet question

Is it safe to assume that wireless fibre (100/20) is better/faster than ethernet wired adsl for gaming?

geek_-cloud, May 7, 7:26 am

yes and no
theoretical speeds are faster within NZ on fibre but gaming is more dependent on ping times (which should be good on fibre) and infrastructure at ISP, in NZ, overseas and at the destination - all of which can/will be problematic.
Consider a motorway, two lanes, down to one, congestion etc All fibre has done is shift the bottleneck to the next congested segment in the infrastructure.

geek_king1, May 7, 7:32 am

Your best performance is probably wired ethernet to the fibre router.

Wireless connections are limited in speed, and prone to interference and packet collisions.

Use a 1000mb ethernet cable to connect the machine to the router for best performance.

geek_ianab, May 7, 9:14 am

It depends on several factors such as your wireless router, distance from the router, wireless card on the PC, interference, etc.

geek_suicidemonkey, Dec 12, 10:28 pm