Tablets not to buy:

bigsteve10, Mar 16, 7:15am
So if you need to return because of a warranty issue there is no warranty?

ryanm2, Mar 16, 7:33am
expensive e-waste. Who would buy that crap?

nzoomed, Mar 16, 7:36am
they look like crappy chinese tablets with no big name.

ryanm2, Mar 16, 7:47am
they ARE crappy tablets chinese no name tablets.

rz_zone, Mar 16, 7:53am
Had one of those "android" brand tablets to setup, it's suprisingly fast but the screen is awful.

king1, Mar 16, 8:04am
Horribly optimistic at $10 each assuming any that were any good have probably already been flogged off on a one day deals site.

pretty good deal on the freight though.

trade_menow, Mar 16, 8:55am
Seeing as they are " in trade " im not sure if they can say theres no warrenty - CGA

mazdasix, Mar 16, 9:40am
does the CGA apply to 2nd hand goods?

gadgetman, Mar 18, 4:32am
Any reputable company repairing tablets would not use second hand parts.
The price is too much for hobbyist buying them.

mattnzw, Mar 18, 5:33am
Anyone buying them to resell would likely have to become intrade,and provide CGA coverage and cover warranty issue. So I can't see who would buy them.

nzoomed, Mar 21, 9:11am
Probably crappy tablets from dhgate.

voidnice, May 1, 9:54pm
Possibly counterfeit, watch a series called 'Fake Britain' (search YouTube) to see the range of counterfeit goods pouring out of China (unless you don't tabloid docos, that is.)

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