Up date on my "netflix and no sound". i got

someone up to have a look at it and even he was stumped. in the end he said maybe ring Panasonic. so I did. we went thru all these tests about pulling cords out, putting them back in etc. nothing. this was a Friday. he said he would have to ask other team members. he rang me back on tuesday and said, the only thing they think will work is to buy a "gefen digital audio decoder". my bf had already spent $100 on a little decoder that we plugged into the stereo so we could get sound when watching movies louder thru the stereo. this was b4 my mother bought us a smart tv. the genfen decoder is about$150. I would hate to buy this because I have to have this one " instead of" the " pudney digital audio converter" that we already have. and then it still might not work. it just seems bizarre that quickflix works thru the stereo. if I do buy the genfen one what would you recommend that I sell the pudney one for.? is it any use to anybody else for something? can I use it for something else?

geek_katybaty, May 31, 2:50 pm

How are you watching Netflix?

geek_doggitt, May 31, 3:00 pm

just thru the tv, cause I finished my free trial, and just have the one screen now.I just go to the app and start from there. is that what you mean?

geek_katybaty, May 31, 3:09 pm

Ok so you watch it from the app on your smart TV? And you can't get audio out of your TV?

geek_doggitt, May 31, 3:11 pm

we get the sound out of the tv, but the sound doesn't come thru the stereo. if u have the stereo on it just makes this hideous static noise so we have to turn the stereo off and just watch and listen thru the tv.

geek_katybaty, May 31, 3:20 pm

Weird, it does sound like a digital output but I've never seen many consumer devices that do that.

geek_doggitt, May 31, 3:27 pm

So have you tried using the pudney one on the new tv?

geek_doggitt, May 31, 3:33 pm

the pudney one Is the old one. the one Panasonic said to get that they think will solve the problem is the genfen one. so that means id have to take the pudney one away, and the Netflix still might not even work if I do decide to buy this genfen one.

geek_katybaty, May 31, 3:39 pm

So did they say not to use the pudney one?

geek_doggitt, May 31, 4:11 pm

no, but I just presumed that I couldn't use both. anyway I just signed up for the free lightbox trial, and the sound comes thru the stereo sweet as. so its definitely something to do with Netflix I think. *sighs*.

geek_katybaty, May 31, 4:29 pm

I would try the pudney one.

geek_doggitt, May 31, 4:59 pm

iv already got it. that's the one that's not working. ok. thankyou . youv been very nice trying to help me. I think I even have the computer geniuses stumped though. lol. anyway. I have a date with a bottle of coruba so will check back 2morrow. xx

geek_katybaty, May 31, 6:05 pm

That's why I asked at post seven.

geek_doggitt, May 31, 6:07 pm

Cannot find the manual for this TV. Hopefully it isn't too different to my old dumb Panasonic Plasma.

The basic problem is there are two types of digital audio (to keep it simple) that your TV can output - stereo PCM (similar to a CD) and multichannel. Your TV is sending the multichannel stuff but your converter thing can only handle the CD type of audio. When you feed the multichannel audio to the converter it has no idea what to do with it and you get static. You need to force the TV to send the CD type of audio.

When in Netflix click the Menu button on the remote and choose the Sound menu. What options do you have in there?

On my TV I would set the following
"Digital Audio Preference" to HE-ACC (if you have PCM then pick that)
"SPDIF Selection" to PCM.

Not sure how similar your TV is.

Note to the overly pedantic technowizzards: I know my description of digital audio is off but it needs to be kept simple.

geek_stevexc, Jun 1, 8:18 am

won't be simple enough me thinks

geek_wotz_it_2_ya, Jun 1, 9:25 am

I had the same problem , changed HDMI port, solved the problem. who knows why?

geek_pestri, Jun 1, 9:35 am

Reset the tv and let any updates do its thing and hopefully it will work.

geek_rz_zone, Jun 1, 10:11 am

good afternoon. which port did you have and which are you now using?

geek_katybaty, Jun 1, 4:30 pm

and sorry, how do I reset the tv?

geek_katybaty, Jun 1, 4:30 pm

and your right there.

geek_katybaty, Jun 1, 4:30 pm

and thankyou for that. the tv is set to the pcm bit.

geek_katybaty, Jun 1, 4:32 pm

I changed from 3 to 1 immic should not make any diffrence reallly, but voila. sound!

geek_pestri, Jun 1, 7:38 pm

im betting 1 port has ARC on it and the other doesnt and theres some software glitch preventing sound on that port from netflix

geek_fordcrzy, Sep 29, 4:10 pm

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