showmethemanoey, May 5, 8:09am
Any one who does this in NZ?

shakespeare6, May 5, 9:15am
What are you wanting to solder? We go pretty small go down to mico smd in some applications using both iron and hot air reflow, really depends on the board and what other components are around it.-

showmethemanoey, May 6, 12:43am
It's a MacBook pro lcd connector had some water damage runs fine through a external screen but screen does not go had a look at the connector and there are a few terminals corroded away

oclaf, May 6, 2:04am
I got chatting to a guy I bought a CPU off once who reckoned he would often use a jeweler to do his very fine solder work. Sounded plausible.

showmethemanoey, Dec 13, 10:03pm
Thanks guys found a place in Hamilton but really want something local

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