Iphone repair.apple id wanted

patch2112, Apr 12, 7:13pm
I sent my phone away to be repaired. Its problem was it wasn't picking up reception from any networks. Do they need my apple id and pass word for any particular reason? And is it possible to do a factory reset without needing these details?

spyware, Apr 12, 11:58pm
Can you find it via Find My iPhone?

patch2112, Apr 13, 12:18am
No, I never had that set up.

dealszz, Apr 13, 2:21am
Yes, they will require it at the end when activating your phone after reset, if you prefer them not to know it you can go in and do it yourself or activate it yourself if you know how.

patch2112, Apr 13, 3:09am
Hmm. the phone is in China at the moment. I just don't like the idea of giving strange people access to my account at all.

zaowl, Apr 13, 7:35am
The only reason they should need your Apple ID and password is to get find my iPhone disabled would be my expectation, a replacement phone can't be ordered when FMI is still enabled. It is surprising to hear it is in China. They are being repaired and replaced in NZ now.

_drdee_, Apr 15, 11:19am
Yep, Brightpoint in Auckland used to do all iPhone repair/replacement but pretty sure it is handled in Australia now. Unless it was purchased overseas/paralleled I suppose.

zaowl, Apr 17, 10:03am
Not sure if Brightpoint are still handling the phones but apple authorised service centres are now repairing or assessing and ordering replacement phones in NZ. Where whole unit replacements are assessed as being required these are being shipped from AUS in 1-2 days. There are limited components Apple authorise replacement of, for example, rear cameras and batteries are being fitted locally. Screens are not allowed to be replaced.

rav413, Feb 1, 2:56am
eServe is a company in Chch which looks at my iphone. I note there are a few branches around N.Z.

Spent $213 on it a couple of months ago but it has been back 3 times since. Has 3 months guarantee.

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