dante055, Jul 14, 7:56am
Torrents...???? ok..i've been using limewire up till now..but its hopeless.was told to give torrents a does one go about getting into this..thanks

hellfx, Jul 14, 8:08am
Easy follow this link

ebonez, Jul 14, 8:08am
Download uTorrent or a similar torrent program and download some torrents.

thepiratebay is a popular torrent site. Some of the better ones (, waffles, etc) require invites and require you to seed which means leaving your downloads on for others to download.

So download a torrent, it'll be a few kb's and then open it in uTorrent, it should start downloading unless nobody is seeding. The more seeders you have, the faster your download will be.

dante055, Jul 14, 8:55am
Ok thanks guys..think i got it.. currently doing an album..what sort of speed should it go at???seems slow??

ebonez, Jul 14, 9:48am
It depends how many people are seeding it and how fast their connection is.

sighkick, Jul 14, 10:20am
We assume you are on Broadband and not dial-up ;) It not only depends on how many seeds there are, but how fast those seeds wish to supply you at. Some of us try to do too much and seed many things at once and also expect to download ourselves. Remember that it is all voluntary and free, so patience is a virtue. If you can't wait, visit a CD/DVD store and buy it. I have been downloading one torrent for TWO YEARS [off and on] - Dr. Who - Tom Baker Complete 59.7Gb - still only got 9.4% of it!

dante055, Jul 15, 5:15am
Yep on bb.. thanks guys..i'll let you know how i get on..

sighkick, Jul 15, 5:22am
Check - it's a good place to start.

chapadao, Jul 15, 5:23am
Forwarding the right ports on your router helps speed things up too

dante055, Jul 15, 5:33am
Geez muckin with the router might.. be a bit out of my

baker-assoc, Jul 15, 5:52am
Try getting a seedbox, Easier to keep ratio ( server with 100mb upload) and u can almost be certain your not gonna get caught

baker-assoc, Jul 15, 5:53am
As you arn't uploading only you have axx to what your dloading

ambo11, Jul 15, 6:00am
How much do some of you guys download? 2 old movies over a period of 3 weeks here and I'm woryin thats too

dante055, Jul 15, 6:01am
Get caught..oh.. ok got my first music vid..all sweet..just had to download something for it to play on media player..alls good far

baker-assoc, Jul 15, 6:02am
Downloading off public torrent sites is where every1 gets caught, ppl sit on torrents and watch ips

dante055, Jul 15, 6:13am
Oh ok .. so there are private ones then???

osymandias, Jul 15, 6:26am
The private ones are not much betterAll the relevant snoops got accounts on them anyway, if you can get an invite - so can they. But, the odd of being fingered are tiny, there's a few million users every day - over the last couple of years only a few got prosecuted, so the odds favour you. Especially in NZ, I don't know if there are any torrents related cases in this country.

dante055, Jul 15, 6:29am
Bugger. can't find what i was after anyway..
its pretty confusing really

dante055, Jul 15, 7:19am
Is one site better than others..

baker-assoc, Jul 15, 7:49am
THe best public site would have to be piratebay

dante055, Jul 15, 7:51am
Think i found what i was after D/L it and see what happens..heres hopin

qazzy03, Jul 15, 8:21am
It should be fine isohunt is a good place as well. But if you want a private place then has free member ship at the moment

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