Ipod touch 5 battery dead

My daughters ipod went red but she still used it till it died on its own. Plugging it into the charger (and laptop) it hasn't shown any sign of life for over an hour. Is there any help for this? The home button doesn't work either so can only press the off button at top. tia

geek_flowerfreak, Mar 31, 8:19 pm

Hold power + home button for 10 sec

geek_mazdasix, Mar 31, 8:26 pm

The home button doesn't work, she uses assistive touch on it.

geek_flowerfreak, Mar 31, 8:29 pm

Had a lot of problem with charging an iPhone, ended up getting rid of it, sounds like a lot of people have that problem online, people saying the charge cables stuff up quite quick. I found if u blow air into the hole you plug the cable into sometimes it fixes it, other sites say put clean pin/paper clip into the hole an clean the connections will sometimes work, it did for me

geek_dumbwimp., Apr 1, 12:58 am

Doesn't sound like it is the battery, if the home button doesn't work. Maybe restore by connecting it to itunes on your PC.

geek_mattnzw, Apr 3, 11:19 am

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