Toshiba satellite laptops - opinions

spawnofsatan1, Apr 19, 6:20am
please. :) have spent all day looking at laptops and these are looking promising just need some feedback from people in the know, and and model preference would be great. thanks

vtecintegra, Apr 19, 6:21am
Depends on model.

They're Toshiba's low end line so are reasonably priced but don't expect a lot of durability.

suicidemonkey, Apr 19, 6:33am
I think Toshiba have slipped recently. They used to be the brand I recommended.

Their low-end line isn't great and their mid/high end stuff used to be good. But I was checking out a new model the other day ($1400ish, i7 processor) and it was extremely plastic/flimsy, just like their sub-$1000 models. Even HP does a better job at that price range.

But as with any brand, spend decent money and you'll usually get a good product.

spawnofsatan1, Apr 19, 6:42am

velenski, Apr 19, 6:42am
toshiba are good even the cheaper models ,i sell a lot and customers are very happy ,yes build quality is feeling a bit cheap lately.

wayne416, Apr 19, 6:43am
The new ones are flimsy but seem to have good electronics so most still last well if handled carefully.

lordtopcat, Apr 19, 6:52am
I've had a Satellite A105 that I bought in 2005 that's still going strong. Never had an issue with it.

I've also got a Satellite Pro L500 for 5 years and that's still my every day laptop. fantastic.

vtecintegra, Apr 19, 6:52am
One of those is a full sized laptop, the other is a tiny netbook.

You should really think about what it is you need out of the system as those tow fulfill very different roles.

spawnofsatan1, Apr 19, 7:23am
im thinking the netbook then can be taken school, hubby is looking at the bigger one as it has a disk drive. hmmm

suicidemonkey, Apr 19, 8:43am
Not even sure about that anymore. A recent high-end model got recalled because of hardware issues, and that's not the first I've heard of recently.

wayne416, Apr 19, 8:58am
Yep but was recalled and fixed when they knew there was a problem unlike others who seem to hope the problem goes away. I would still rank them fairly high up the scale along with Asus but that's only my opinion.

spawnofsatan1, Feb 5, 10:03am
thanks everyone i may have to make a trip to Harvey Norman and have a look at some

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