Mechanics of changing from pc to laptop

sylvia, Feb 19, 1:24am
Looking at getting a laptop to replace our slow pc. We have a Passport Essentials with backup on it. The main things we will be using the laptop for are photos (using Picassa), genealogy (Family Tree Maker), some documents and emails. Most browsing is done on our mobile devices. We don't need any info apart from these. So my question is, is Passport Essentials enough to access our past photos etc? I have checked and can view and save files back from it so it is working. I'm assuming I will need to download Picassa and FTM again onto a laptop so the older photos and family trees etc can be viewed? Know a little but not a lot, use logic mostly while fumbling my way through things so just need the process explained in plain language please. Thanks a lot.

mechnificent, Feb 19, 2:54am
The new laptop will have some software tool to transfer all your data and settings from an old computer to a new one. I asks what you want to transfer, pictures, data, settings, and anything else, and you point it to where all your documents photos etc are. It assembles them all together, compacts them and asks how you want to transfer them, cable, network, portable hard drive etc. You do all that on the old computer and then go onto the new laptop and use the same software tool to bring it all into the laptop. Once you find the software tool on the new computer it's all simple.

sylvia, Feb 19, 6:34am
Thanks, will I need to download the actual programs to the laptop before I transfer the data or will it come over all intact?

mechnificent, Feb 19, 6:50am
The programs you will have to downl;oad and install. Then run the microsoft tool. I can't remember what the new version of the tool is now but someone will tell us I'm sure.

The tool only moves data and settings, so word documents, spreadsheets, stuff like that, and photos, music etc, and the settings are things like favorites, the way you like it to look, screen-saver, stuff like that. It doesn't transfer programs.

The tool talks you through it and suggests things you might want to transfer.

newbie5, Feb 20, 8:57am
your passport essentials is a portable hard drive isnt it so just connect it to your laptop and copy the files over

sylvia, Jul 23, 10:53pm
Thank you for all your help.

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