Speed test

newbie5, May 24, 7:26am
I have just done mine.
averaging = DL.=1.66mbps. UL.=0.45mbps
Vodafone wireless
seems like dial up

suicidemonkey, May 24, 7:33am
It's significantly faster than dial up. But slower than you'd expect from a decent broadband connection. However it's wireless, can't expect too much.

r.g.nixon, May 24, 7:37am
DL = 25.0 Mb/s UL = 8.7 Mb/s
Snap UFB wired
seems a bit slow, should be closer to 30 : 10

newbie5, May 24, 7:44am
It used to be faster with FF 2.7 now using FF 3.8 as mentioned in earlier thread.
Have done all usual /malware/av scan/cc cleaner/uninstall/reinstall/et-
now looking at upping ram but has been working fine for a couple of years Win 7 2gb ram

mrfxit, May 24, 8:02am
Go get "Palemoon"
Stripped down version of Firefox

Got all the common browsers on here for various reasons & theres a definite difference in speed between FF & Palemoon (latest versions)

hayster94, May 24, 9:04am
Have you tried with a cable to see what the difference is?

newbie5, May 24, 9:10am
This is the comp that the modem is connected to via cable. my laptop is connected via wireless and no probs.
The speed has dropped on pc as mentioned in previous thread only in the last couple of days since an update to FF 3.8 was fine before.

fishb8, May 24, 9:50am
My UFF termination is downstairs in lounge. This is upstairs office:-

mrfxit, May 24, 10:22am
ALL network cables need to be a minimum of Cat5E
Any network switches (in your case) need to be 100mb capable.

newbie5, May 24, 10:35am
might be time for a major overhaul

gdnshack, May 24, 10:39am
I see you are in Kapiti like me - I'm getting a super slow speed on and off and it has been like this since last Sunday night. We are on Vodafone cable and the speed comes back again (50 mpbs) around midnight and during the day it is good as well.

newbie5, May 24, 10:58am
Yeah but my laptop on wireless is fine its just the wired pc that has slowed down as you say since last week.
I think I might have installed something with the FF update but have tried uninstall and reinstall no luck done all the clean out checks still no luck
I am not on cable though as we dont have cable here
as mentioned might be time to chuck and upgrade.

newbie5, May 25, 1:31am
it now appears others are having the same issues so it must be an isp issue.
It appears they have throttled back our speeds and still charge us the same

newbie5, May 25, 4:39am
done that read the thread

king1, Oct 20, 9:31am
reinstall your network drivers might help.

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