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Any recommendations for a free one to down load ?

geek_jofes, Apr 19, 10:09 am

Put "Free Anti Virus" without the quotes in the search box to your left where It says "Keyword or member" and set the date posted to last year and you will get lots of results.

Personally I recommend the FREE AVAST, make sure you download the FREE version and not a free trial of a paid version.
Also the FREE Panada Cloud mentioned often on these boards.

geek_mgc54, Apr 19, 10:24 am

geek_farwest, Apr 19, 11:25 am

Windows 8 has a built-in one called Windows Defender, which used to be a stand alone free anti-virus called Windows Security Essentials. People can argue that it's not as good as a downloadable one, but I'm a computer technician and I've been using Windows 8 for over a year without anything else.

geek_mrcat, Apr 19, 11:32 am

Now, that's some very interesting info there

geek_kiwihonky, Apr 20, 8:20 am

It's a very interesting website - lots of useful information.

geek_farwest, Apr 20, 8:22 am

As above, I have a lappy with Win8 with Defender activated, and a desktop with Win7 and MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) running on that and have no problems . in saying that I am a reasonably selective browser and try to avoid dodgy looking sites.

geek_therafter1, Apr 20, 11:18 am

Panda cloud is the fastest.

geek_nzoomed, Apr 20, 1:19 pm

No problems that you can see or bugs it has missed, try scanning with a half decent antivirus/malware program, you might be lucky or very surprised at results.

geek_wayne416, Apr 20, 1:24 pm

Got two PC's at work both running WIn7 and MSE and they get accessed by all and sundry for all sorts of reasons and haven't had any trouble with either of those as well. Both PC's get scanned regularly with Malwarebytes and that hasn't picked anything up yet either, so MSE must be doing something right.

I did mention that I am a reasonably selective browser, which probably helps. If you are a willynilly browser, or have a tendency to have sneaky peeks at willy sites without the nilly bit attached to it then something a little more comprehensive may be required lol

geek_therafter1, Apr 20, 1:35 pm

Your right, the home computing environment is different to work. I don't think its the 'willy' sites as you put it that are the problem but peoples ability to miss the obvious when installing stuff ie toolbars etc and not taking notice of warnings when they do pop up. Even the best antivirus can't protect them.

geek_wayne416, Apr 20, 1:57 pm

Agreed, even the likes of flash player/adobe etc come with sundry garbage with an option not to install the extras, but you have to look for the options or you cop the bundle.

I'm not a geeky type, so feel free to correct me. But I also have a suspicion that if you do invite a bundle in with options that you do not want it is possible that there is software in the bundle that may use/share drivers etc that are already installed in your PC that other software requires to operate correctly, if you then decide that you do not want any of the bundle and you opt to uninstall via add/remove programs the uninstallation process may remove that driver or whatever other process that it may have attached itself to, (to reduce the size of the software package) . just a personal theory, so probably wrong lol

geek_therafter1, Apr 20, 3:15 pm

I picked up some malware a while ago, just searching for information on an old digital camera - one of the sites I found was "poisoned". Any site with ads could do this:

geek_farwest, Feb 2, 5:11 am

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