Security system network question.

Hi, we've had our security system up and running for about a year, and lately while its still working as a standalone unit perfectly fine, we now have partial trouble accessing it via PC and iPhone app when previously this was fine.
The local address is, and the network monitor light is blinking non-stop at a high speed. We can actually connect to this network using the app, failure to connect is a different outcome (with a message reflecting this) but the live feeds don't pass thru like they used to. I just went through all the other devices network addresess and none are using the .6 address. I also tried swapping the cable.

Any ideas? Maybe faulty network hardware in the recorder? Its been on constantly for many months.

Thanks for any advice.

geek_hlessells, Aug 8, 6:28 pm

Can you connect to it locally (on the same network) via a browser putting in the IP address?
If trying to connect externally, did you reset your router and lost the port forwarding settings?

geek_loud_37, Aug 8, 7:02 pm

So you are talking about an NVR? Please specify the manufacturer.

geek_spyware, Aug 8, 8:14 pm

Have only ever had it connected locally. We can connect locally using the regular settings, but at that point, the network light blinks continuously say 3-4 times a second and when we previously had live camera feeds thru to the PC app, now we just get black screens. If we try other IP Configurations we get the clear message that it could not connect - so using the regular ones gets us connected - but somethings going haywire from there.

geek_hlessells, Aug 8, 10:04 pm

geek_hlessells, Aug 8, 10:08 pm

Also possibly useful info. Connecting a monitor straight to the recorder functions as expected. Its just the network side of things playing up.

geek_hlessells, Aug 8, 10:09 pm

Download the latest driver for your network card

geek_kiwi191, Aug 8, 10:10 pm

Tell us about the PC app (web app? ). Black screens is more likely related to failure of a plugin or version of Java being used in browser.

geek_spyware, Aug 9, 12:31 pm

If you go into the network settings on the DVR and check the IP address, subnet and gateway, then check the network settings on your PC.

Subnet and gateway should be the same.

geek_loud_37, Mar 9, 10:55 am

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