CorelDRAW help PLEASE!

attitudedesignz, Apr 27, 11:04pm
Hi all.

Can someone advise me if 'CorelDRAW X7 Home and student version' will save in *PLT format.

I know the full version does as i had the trial but has just run out and would like to buy the home & student version.

My issue is this.

I have a cheap cutter / plotter that came with a cheap nasty cutting program, that program will only open *PLT files.

I was doing design work in CorelDRAW X7 trial version then saving as *PLT and opening with cutter program and it works fine.

The things i'm doing are not commercial so Home & student version is ideal for me.

I use my cutter for stencils & masks for my airbrushing.

Any help is much appreciated.

r.g.nixon, Apr 27, 11:20pm
I looked to see if any free program will create .plt files. Looks like Dia can.

attitudedesignz, Apr 27, 11:40pm
Will give that a go and let ya know how i get on, thanks.

What i do is this:

Design in Inkscape - save as *SVG - open in DRAW (when i used trial of full version) - save as *PLT - import to cutter program - send to cutter.

Kinda long winded process but it worked.

As you can see i only used DRAW to open then re-save, so if DIA can do this (which by the looks that's exactly what i want) then i'll be over the moon.

-bookzone-, Apr 28, 2:45am
I have a 14 year old version of CorelDraw, and it can save in PLT format.

attitudedesignz, Apr 28, 3:02am
Looks like i need 'Jan 2008, X4 version and up to run on Win' 7.

bwg11, Apr 28, 3:39am
Did some work with a Vision engraving table a while back which would only accept .PLT files. Used CadStd Lite 3.75 (freeware that will run over Windows 7 64 bit). CadStd won't save as .PLT, but will export as .HPGL. Simply change the filename extension from .HPGL to .PLT and you are in business.

dann2, Apr 28, 6:04am
yes i use Student vers and it can export as plt as i use it on a foam cutter. Student vers is same as full version.

attitudedesignz, Apr 28, 7:08am
You 100% sure student version saves (exports) as *PLT?

Do you have x6 or x7?

Sorry to sound rude but i need to be 100% sure before i purchase.


Home & student version has some of the pro features turned off, and i'm hoping 'saving as *PLT isn't one of them LOL

attitudedesignz, Apr 28, 7:11am
Hiya, nope Dia doesn't work (for me).

It opens *SVGs with half the image missing.

BUT thank you very much for your help.

attitudedesignz, Apr 28, 7:12am
Thanks for that.

Gave it a 'whirl' but my cutting program was not happy with it at all.

dann2, Jan 4, 3:11pm
I have been using CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7 Academic ver for about 9 or more months and export as plt daily to cut polystyrene. Hope this helps

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