Cant charge my smartphone no more,usb port stuffed

mikeynz13, May 8, 7:37am
Simply been plugged in and plugged in so many times is broken, its been coming for a while so the question is what to do as the phone is perfectly good. can i

1.charge the battery in another way by taking it out and using a charger of some sort

2 simply bye another phone with same battery , charge it with that, that would be a pain after time

3 forget about it , bye another, it is still working fine, its using the internet that hammers the battery,would sill like to use it as a maybe non internet phone

4 Back over it with a steamroller

2nd2none, May 8, 7:43am
What phone is it?

1. Is the easiest option

2. Is a silly option

3. Is the alternative to 1.

4. Is the fun option, then choose 3.

You may be able to fix the port yourself, that's another option

mikeynz13, May 8, 7:46am
its a galaxy ace

vtecintegra, May 8, 7:53am
That's a disposable phone anyway - you could get something significantly better for less than $200

mikeynz13, May 8, 7:54am
true, they get better and cheaper all the time

mikeynz13, May 8, 7:57am
what i hate though is that the phone is fine apart from the no charging issue

_drdee_, May 8, 11:05am
You could take it to a mobile repair place and see how much to repair the port, could be less than $100.

macknife, May 9, 1:02am
Kia Ora
I would think option 1. is the best solution.
I purchased a universal charger from the camera shop opposite the ferry wharf at Devonport. It works fine mainly on the spare battery I have for my video camera, but OK for other batteries too.

mikeynz13, May 9, 1:50am
im not interested in using the phone for the net anymore, charging and charging all the time wore the wee tab whatever it is out, if i can get a charger that would be good,just use as a standard phone as for internet usage , well i will get another phone, maybe something different

mikeynz13, May 9, 1:58am
i would say i have had 2 galaxys, they are ok but the battery life is pretty crap, not sure if any othersare any better, does anyone else know, you tell me.

lythande1, May 9, 2:57am
Buy, not bye.
Take it in and get the port fixed.

pzkpfw, May 9, 7:44am
Sometimes the issue is just dust in the port. If you can't see actual damage, try blowing real hard into the port for a bit.

cookee_nz, May 9, 9:49am
Look into wireless chargers, not sure if galaxy ace is supported or not but they are getting cheaper and could give you new life

mikeynz13, May 9, 1:11pm
not this one its well stuffed

mikeynz13, May 9, 1:13pm
bye is a texting habit. sometimes spills over to other sentances over time

emmerson1, May 11, 10:44am
If you bought another phone; couldn't you just use the new one?

(that's what we do at work though - we have a bunch of broken phones that we use as chargers for the one's that do work).

chito, May 11, 10:06pm
That's more than a bit silly.

cafc2012, Nov 30, 4:12pm
For a few dollars you can buy a generic usb charger that plugs into the wall and delivers the same 5 volts DC you'd get from pluging it into your PC or Laptop.

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